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If you have a bit of money in savings that you’d like to earn more money on, setting up an investment account is an excellent way to turn dollars into more dollars in a shorter amount of time.

Getting your dollars into the market will improve your options as you learn more about investing tools.

Find a simple yet powerful stock investment ideas program such as Stock Insights that you can download to your Android or iOS phone. It allows beginners and expert traders to check out potential stocks to buy and make sure that you can purchase profitable shares. Stock insights is a valuable service for newbies and veterans of the stock market.

Stock Insights
Stock Insights

1. Get Into the Stock Market

For instance, you may not be able to afford one share of a global retailer, but a fractional share will still make you money.

To start:

  1. Consider splitting your investment dollars by percentage.
  2. Put 50% into an index fund, such as one that makes money each time the S&P 500 or the Dow Jones goes up.
  3. Put 20% into tech that interests you, 20% into international growth funds and 10% into green technology or whatever appeals to you. You can probably find ETFs or exchange-traded funds focusing on the market areas that interest you.

2. Invest in Private Companies

If you know a particular industry or like to support a specific business start-up, consider setting up an investment fund with a private investment company that will allow you to track the sector that interests you the most.

By joining up with Assure, you can put your dollars behind the founders you admire, the industries you have confidence in, and the regions you see expanding. Thanks to expanding options to work remotely, many business developers can work from anywhere, and the world is getting smaller while connections grow more substantial.

3. Invest in What You Value

The ability to invest in Fair Trade, socially responsible companies and companies concerned with climate change are about more than where you buy your coffee.

in Fair Trade

Many ETFs specialize in making life easier for those in developing nations. To keep things tidy, consider signing up on the app Robinhood, where you can easily trade exchange-traded funds that focus on investing in companies that pay a fair wage, strive to have a low carbon footprint, or work to support microbusinesses in underserved areas.

4. Invest in Green Technology

You can invest in green technology from many directions. You could join your local REIA or Real Estate Investment Association and seek out builders looking to increase the number of homes in your city with solar power options.

Green-tech can also be done on a global level. Just as you would invest in a company that helps solo practitioners build their businesses in underdeveloped nations, you can seek to provide those businesses with access to low-fuel generators. That includes solar power generators, water purification systems for their community, and other ways to promote health and stability. Like Fair Trade companies, you as an investor will need to check out the investment organizations to ensure they do what they claim and review their returns.

5. Invest in Your Community

Consider checking out your local government plans for growth in your city. Are they looking for investors to support opening grocery stores in underserved areas? Does your city need better internet access to increase options for financial technology companies to move in?

Many returns in your local community will take time to see results. They may also meet with a fair bit of pushback; curiously, people will often happily invest in a business expanding to change its offerings and increase its profits. But when a community tries to change things up to draw in more visitors, citizens can cling firmly to what was. Look for companies that promote a smart city approach to attract citizens interested in the community.

Building a better world can be done while building your portfolio. Keep things simple to start; instead of direct lending to a single person, small business, or community, join up with pools of folks such as those buying Green ETF funds. Investing is voting for the organizations you trust, believe in, and want to promote.



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