5 Tools That Can Make Investing Easy

Stock Insights
Stock Insights

1. Get Into the Stock Market

For instance, you may not be able to afford one share of a global retailer, but a fractional share will still make you money.

  1. Consider splitting your investment dollars by percentage.
  2. Put 50% into an index fund, such as one that makes money each time the S&P 500 or the Dow Jones goes up.
  3. Put 20% into tech that interests you, 20% into international growth funds and 10% into green technology or whatever appeals to you. You can probably find ETFs or exchange-traded funds focusing on the market areas that interest you.

2. Invest in Private Companies

If you know a particular industry or like to support a specific business start-up, consider setting up an investment fund with a private investment company that will allow you to track the sector that interests you the most.

3. Invest in What You Value

The ability to invest in Fair Trade, socially responsible companies and companies concerned with climate change are about more than where you buy your coffee.

in Fair Trade

4. Invest in Green Technology

You can invest in green technology from many directions. You could join your local REIA or Real Estate Investment Association and seek out builders looking to increase the number of homes in your city with solar power options.

5. Invest in Your Community

Consider checking out your local government plans for growth in your city. Are they looking for investors to support opening grocery stores in underserved areas? Does your city need better internet access to increase options for financial technology companies to move in?



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Stock Insights

Stock Insights

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